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That’s 52 weeks of Power Words that I promise will get you thinking about how to use words more consciously and powerfully.

Additionally, since this series has made me more conscious of the words myself and others use, I’ve also begun to notice the exact opposite, UnPower Words.

UnPower Words are language patterns that project weakness and keep us from communicating in a positive, influential way. 

In between your 52 weeks of Power Words you will also receive some tips on UnPower Words and other Communication Power tips.

Other blog tips will include:

  • Power Communication Beliefs
  • Easily Implementable Communication Strategies
  • Power Words & UnPower Words

Use these tips to communicate in a positive and powerful manner to influence a team, organization, board of directors, family and yourself. Learn how to get what you need from others while supporting and valuing everyone’s best interests.

When you subscribe you will also receive a copy of my most popular communication white paper report The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication.

“Skip, your Conscious Communicator series and your Power Words has definitely assisted in creating more positive outcomes, empowerment of myself and/or others, as well aided in the development of stronger relationships.  I make time to read all the emails that come through from you.  This particular series, I find simple, useful, and relevant.”
Holly Houghtaling, Controller
Sprague & Killeen Insurance - Ellenville, NY
“Skip’s Conscious Communicator series and his Power Words highlights the language that a leader must use– on purpose and for a purpose — to create a more positive and effective workplace.

The series also reminds us that sometimes it does not take a huge effort to make a difference — just a small word or action, properly delivered!”

Jim Smith, PCC - Executive Coach www.TheExecutiveHappinessCoach.com
“Skip is a GREAT communicator. My company and I receive invaluable communication lessons and tips everyday from him. Since Skip began mentoring us I have realised that all LEADERS need his smart communication tips & power words to communicate and do business EVEN BETTER!
Florence Makougang, Co-Founder/CEO -
Creativ Group - Doula, Cameroon
“Thanks Skip, writing just to let you know I have been deeply encouraged by your email campaign on communication and the “magic (power) words!”
Martin Webb, PMP
New South Wales, Australia
“This week’s messages were particularly insightful for the project I am a part of. Keep those messages coming. It’s like free professional development. How I wish I could work for someone like you!!!”
Laurie McGarvey, Coach & Facilitator - Bryn Mawr, PA
“Thanks for your wonderful word series. I am trying to implement these words in my usage and I’m feeling more confident and affirmative. Keep sharing your thoughts.!”
Srinivas Dittakavi, Project Manager-PMP Certified

Remember, as a BONUS when you subscribe you will also receive a copy of Skip’s most popular communication white paper report The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication.