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Irana Wasti

Chief Product Officer

"It takes leaders across the business to take responsibility for the language we use and how we communicate in an authentic way when trying to connect to our teams.

We don't always know what to say, and we don't want to say the wrong thing. But we need to say something. We must engage in an ongoing dialogue. Janet and Kim talk about how language leads to behavior in this book and it's advice that all leaders need to hear and act on.

The Conscious Communicator helps executives and leaders better integrate DEI into their communication by providing a solid framework to follow no matter which department or industry you're in. Thank you Janet and Kim for including DEI skills for leaders in this much-needed book!"

LaQuenta Jacobs

Chief Diversity Officer

“In today’s market, workplace culture is as important as title and compensation. Today’s job seeker and employee is not simply looking for a job, but a culture that provides meaningful connection.

It is critically important that leaders and organizations are intentional with their messaging to nurture this connection.  This book provides practical examples to develop authentic messaging that gets to the heart of communication, which is about what is needed and what you want.”

Nicole "Nikki" Clifton

President, Social Impact
and The UPS Foundation

“Communicating clearly under ordinary circumstances is challenging enough in today's world of short attention spans and hyper-divided perspectives. When the subject matter is prickly, the task is even more daunting.  Business leaders need more than positive intent, we need DEPTH. This book provides relevant and practical communications guidance with a business value proposition. It is a must-read for leaders who understand the power of their platform and want to use it for good.”

April Thomas

Chief Solutions Officer

“If you've been afraid of contracting "open mouth, insert foot" syndrome, your fears are over. In The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t, Janet Stovall and Kim Clark provide a step-by-step guide to help interrupt our typical knee-jerk reactions and replace them with authentic, meaningful, and effective responses.

Their DEPTH™ Model outlines a methodical approach to help your organization determine if, when, and what to say in response to daily challenges and opportunities. Janet and Kim show that the art of communication can be developed, honed, and mastered. This is a mission-critical skill for everyone responsible for communicating your organization's DEI message.”

Martha Hanlon

Author, Rise Up, Leader

"I've been coaching and consulting executives for over 20 years through my businesses. I’ve seen the power diversity brings to a business because it opens up the business to new ideas and paths through varied experiences and insights. I’ve also witnessed businesses fail because they became trapped in group thought borne out through homogeneity. The “same” doesn’t work anymore in a diversified world.

Leaders must rise up to meet the challenge and opportunity offered through diversity. This book guides you to strengthen your results through diversity and inclusion, as well as social justice issues. Every enlightened organization will answer the wake-up call to advance inclusive diversity not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it accelerates our business success."

Chelsea Delaney

Artist, Writer, and Coach
at New Stories Calling

“It's rare to find a book so wise, yet so accessible. Kim Clark and Janet Stovall challenge us to step up to change with heart, humor, and high hopes for the future of DEI.

A must-read for anyone who believes we can have a more inclusive world than the one we have now.”