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Loral Langemeier

Founder of Integrated Wealth Systems

"It's not easy writing a book about something that can change the world when there is a system in place today that keeps you from doing that. Seeing these two women step up and speak up to help companies stop saying stupid sh*t is phenomenal.

It's needed and urgent, and as a five-time New York Times bestselling author plus now out with my sixth bestseller, I know how important it is to share what you know to improve the world. If you're someone like me who will walk off the planet serving, this is the conversation you need.  

Read this book if you are a leader of a big, middle, or small-sized company, and pay attention to stay in integrity to your core vision and principles and communicate them in depth. Your business revenue and results will thank you for it."

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Author: The Sacred YES and Your Deepest Intent

The Conscious Communicator by Janet M. Stovall and Kim Clark is a must-read for anyone wanting to enlarge their capacity to engage in our increasingly diverse and complex environment. It invites you into the inquiry of inclusion, and to bring with you not only your skills but your compassion and vulnerability as well. “We find ourselves confronted with the fierce urgency of now,” so eloquently prophesied by Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There is not a minute to waste in becoming more civil, collaborative, and celebratory.”

Andy Getsey

Co-founder, Senior Partner

"The role of PR, Employer Brand agencies, and communications agencies was permanently changed in the summer of 2020. We must rise to the occasion with educated recommendations for our clients. Otherwise, we will be doing them a disservice. We have to gain the skills to go beyond the 'no comment’. This book offers the framework to ask the right questions to put our clients in a position of strength on DEI and social justice messaging."

Jim Ylisela

Co-founder and Senior Consultant
Ragan Consulting Group

I’ve been fortunate to have a front-row seat as Kim Clark and Janet Stovall have become the nation’s top experts in DE&I and social justice communications. I have learned so much from them, and I expect my education is just beginning.

Kim and Janet have been at the forefront of a revolutionary change in corporate communications, as companies have begun to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as business imperatives, not just PR positioning.

But that doesn’t mean organizations are doing it right – or doing nearly enough. That’s why Kim and Janet wrote this book. 

At Ragan Consulting, we help companies tell their stories in deep and meaningful ways. In that work, Kim and Janet have wowed our customers with their expertise, compassion, and ability to connect with audiences.

This book is a gift to communicators everywhere, and to those of us who help them get better. Bravo, Kim and Janet!”

Gael Adams-Burton

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Communications Manager at Siemens, UK

"It can be very rewarding to work in DEI communications for a global company and, at times, completely overwhelming. There’s so much to consider, learn and do, and sometimes we just need to take a step back and reflect on the work we’re doing, remind ourselves why we’re doing it, and think about how we can do it better.

This book provides so many opportunities to do just that, it’s a must-read for all DEI communicators and has given me even more motivation to keep pushing for more!”

Kirsten Goodnough

Communications Executive
in the Canadian Public Service

“Communications plays such a critical role in advancing an organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, and it’s often hard for communicators to know how to do this.

This book offers concrete and practical ways to communicate intentionally and inclusively.”

Miriam Khalifa

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practioner

"Before I became a DEI strategist, I crafted political messaging. While some people believe that corporations should stay out of politics because partisanship doesn't belong in the workplace, the reality is that companies influence policy in multiple ways. Customers want to know whether the companies they spend their money with are aligned with their values. 

Employees are demanding corporate cultures that protect and embrace them as identity-based political attacks are on the rise. As DEI becomes fundamental to attracting and retaining top talent, and our awareness grows around corporate influence on legislation, companies need to be strategic and consistent about communicating their values. 

The Conscious Communicator guides organizations as they navigate the complexity of developing and deploying authentic messaging that builds trust with employees and customers. Companies are well-positioned to create safe, inclusive work environments and have a positive impact on society. This book will help them get there."


Kimb Massey, Ph.D.

Professor of Radio-Television-Film
San Jose State University

“San Jose State University received the decision letter to reaccredit San José State after the years-long WSCUC Accreditation Reaffirmation process. But one of the top level recommendations they made was: "Making the elimination of equity gaps and the promotion of DEI and equitable student outcomes the top priority for the University." 

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we engage with experts like Janet M. Stovall and Kim Clark in order to create and move our DEI policies forward. I've already pre-ordered the book and will be buying and sharing it with principals in my organization.

I'll also be using excerpts in my "Media and Culture" general education course. We are fortunate to already have a relationship with these authors and their book will help us spread the ‘good knowledge’ wider and farther.”

Lauren Antonoff

Tech Executive

“As an executive leading through challenging times, I found Kim Clark's partnership and guidance invaluable. She helped me connect to my team through communication, land my point, and further my purpose with authenticity and impact. 

This book gives other leaders an opportunity to benefit from her insights and approach.

Thank you Kim and Janet for making this work inclusive of C-suite leaders who are wanting to drive meaningful progress.”